Beyond the garden gate lies a world of secret beauty and passionate obsession.

June 17 2016 007

A closer look at Rosa Fairy, a reliable charmer!

June 17 2016 006

Rosa Fairy with the first Dierama blooms wafting in front of her. To the right is the murky corner the suffering rugosa escaped.

Here’s more info on Rosa Fairy

Here’s a link to more info on Dierama, aka Angel’s Fishing Rod

June 2016 002

Rosa Rugosa, Blanc Double De Coubert thrives under the edge of the big fir tree, producing charming, delightfully fragrant blooms most of the summer and ending with a flourish of red hips.

High Country Roses offers them I can’t vouch for the nursery, but the rose is worth pursuing.

June 2016 001

The original rugosa bush has been shaded out, so I though I’d lost the rose, but the parent sent out a runner. This summer a single stem popped up on the other side of the fence where sun still reaches. Super fragrant and hearty, I’m delighted it survived.

Learn more about these native roses from the American Rose Society

West Summer Close up Penelope 2015

Of all the lovely roses growing in the garden, Penelope remains my favorite. She’s an old musk rose and wonderfully fragrant especially in the evening. She blooms in an extravagant profusion of dainty clusters during May and June with occasional blossoms until hard frost.

Here’s a link for more information: Rosa Penelope

Deck spring

This years white box, the gray fluff is curry plant so I have the delightful bonus of a nice hit of curry every morning when I dead head.

Deck Summer 2016

With the south deck slated for replacement this summer the tiny east deck is hosting most of the annuals. There are two versions of the pot pictured this one holds Corsican mint the other a baby lanium in addition to the cheery pink geraniums, clusters of alysum and lobelia that should fluff out a bit more. progresses.

fall 9 2015 001

This years deck planter, last year’s burgundy mums are just about to bloom.

fall 9 2015 002

This dwarf Hinoki false cypress (Champaecyparis obtusa Nana Gracilis) has been patiently waiting for a good home. Thanks to the removal of a large juniper the entry way bed has an opening.

fall 9 2015 003

To keep the Hinoki company, I bought an evergreen azalea, Everest, which will have largish white flowers next May. I’m sure the flowers will be charming, but it’s the shape and leaves that will grace the garden most of the year.

fall 9 2015 004

Since I was at my favorite nursery, I added a couple of Matrix Rose winter pansies to the order 🙂

fall 2015 003

Common snowball hydrangea with a few cheery blue clusters among the fading summer blooms.