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The volunteer pink violet, survived and multiplied!


Rosy helabores

One of the rosy heathers, cultivator Porter’s Red

“Harmony’ Iris reticulata is slightly later than the violet cultivator, but very welcome whenever they arrive.

My favorite of the pink camellias, is the winter blooming Camellia Japonica because it blooms first and delights me, as long as the weather cooperates.

Even in winter when it feels like the sun is never going to shine, somethings are blooming

Even on the dreariest days Choisya Sundance lights up its corner of the garden.

What with dogs and aggressive plants small treasures are hard to keep, I usually treat myself to a few winter treats in a pot somewhere sheltered. Pictured is Wintergreen , a delightful evergreen with fat, bright red berries that last till spring arrives with new distractions.

Spring bouquet is a common evergreen viburnum around this neighborhood. With good reason.

Mahonia Nervosa looks good all year, but winter makes me appreciate it more.

Winter is when the bones of the garden show, graced by a dusting of snow if we’re lucky.