It’s hot for Seattle–80’s. Thanks to mature birch the shade garden stays much cooler than the sunny borders. It’s my favorite retreat from the heat of summer.

The green and white ground cover is Aegopodium podagraria Varigatum, aka Bishops Weed. Be warned the plant is invasive. But, it thrives in deep shape with little encouragement,tough competition, and no pampering. It even tolerates the dog romping through a dozen times a day. Behavior the grass struggles to endure.

This corner includes several varieties of ferns: the northwest native sword fern, polystichum munitum; Maidenhair fern, adiatum aleuticum; Japanese Tassel fern, polystichium polyblepharum; arythium niponicum pictum; and Northwest wood fern, dryopertis expansa.

Ferns are great favorites, many volunteer, so far I’ve found corners for all of them. Of course, some varieties only come in carefully packed nursery pots. My favorite fern nursery is Fancy Fronds.

Other than scraggly grass, big trees, bishop’s weed, assorted ferns, there’s a good sized mop-head hydrangea, lily tuff, astilbes, sweet woodruff. lady’s mantle, Japanese forest grass, and lots of crocus bulbs in lavender, white,and striped varieties (all asleep under the ground covers this time of year). Every now and then I make an effort to introduce fall beauties with varying degrees of success, Japanese anemones resisted all efforts to encourage them. After, I’d conceded defeated, the white volunteered…. Toad lilies, have consented to temporary appearances, but disappear after a few years. I’m a assuming it’s a competition problem…