June 007

In the mixed borders that make up the garden there are stars, which rise and reign supreme for a few weeks out of the year. And then there’s the support cast. This photo features geranium sanguineum album, aka bloody cranesbill. Though, definitely a supporting player it takes center stage in this bed, which gets a few hours of afternoon sun, for a couple of months out of the year. The original three plants have been transplanted and divided many times. It’s one of those slightly fussy types–wanting some shade, but needing sun to avoid becoming a sprawling gangly thing with few blooms.

With the relatively small flowers, I prefer a satisfying clump. This perennial geranium blooms for weeks in early summer. When the blossoms falter I shear it lightly. It responds to this abuse, by making a tidy clump of green to froth about the taller players until late summer when it gathers enough energy to rebloom.

If not sheared back or deadheaded, they do seed themselves around the garden.

I found a link to purchase them here Sadly, I can’t vet the nursery, having never purchased from them.