June 010

The concept of a white garden is vastly appealing to me. Alas, the execution has yet to succeed. This slice of the garden comes closest in summer. As long as I’m ruthless about weeding out the self-seeders that fail to conform to the all white blossom standard.

The ribbon of white in front is made up of wild daisies, technically a weed. But, I like them better than the cultivated varieties. The lavendar cloud is Thalictrum, aka Meadow Rue, which does have alba versions. But, I’ve been too weak willed to discard the lavendar volunteers.

For those seeking low-maintenance landscapes, keep in mind that the most labor intensive part of my yard is the lawn. That’s going some considering I have a couple of real aggressive players, ivy, bamboo, and wisteria to name just a few of the guilty.

Grass is also my biggest weed problem–but, that’s another story.